What is a B&B?

The literal meaning of bed and breakfast is "bed and breakfast" and underlines the simplicity of this structure type, ideal for tourists who want to combine the convenience of a dwelling at a low cost. 
This type of arrangement is not new. Before the twentieth century travelers used to find lodging for the night in private homes rather than in the inns and this practice was typical of many parts of the world. 
The abbreviation B & B on the traffic signals coming from the British Isles, where there was also a sign "Vacancies" (rooms available) at the bottom. 
Today this term refers to the pay offer of hospitality in private homesThe activity, which has purely Anglo-Saxon origin, has spread dramatically in recent years in other western countries: Germany, France and, of course, Italy. 
Initially this type of welcome was given to a young audience, a lover of travel and unpretentious. With the spread on a continental scale, the Bed and Breakfast is gone taking varied connotations: on one side continues to be the perfect way to spend little, the other has become a special solution (think hospitality in homes historic or valuable). 
But more to the characteristics of simplicity and luxury of dwelling in which it takes place, the formula of B & B is characterized by: 
- Reduced the number of rooms, compared to a hotel (a maximum of 3 rooms in Lazio); 
- Enjoy a family setting that is the size of "home"
- The chance to get closely in touch with the reality of where you stay
Each structure has its own personality. 
Of course, a bed and breakfast is not the reason why a tourist visiting a location.But thanks to increased advertising of B & B reading reviews and articles for tourists are attracted to a particular bed and breakfast and then plan to visit an area just to be on that B & B. 
Generally tourists are attracted by recreational, cultural and historical place.Business travelers, especially women, look for bed and breakfast as an alternative to the typical rental apartments, motels and hotels are readily available in the area. The bed and breakfasts offer the traveler an experience different from the traditional lodging. 
Only regular B&B are registered, approved and insured, as is our B&B.
You can find the registration number on the website.